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Galliano L'Artiste

This week I received three mysterious parcels from people I've never heard about before, which makes reviewing lenses much harder since I don't know which shop they're from and which kind they actually are. It's not like they had included a note, either. They just expect me to review the lenses and give their shops credit, this isn't how sponsorship is supposed to work. But one of the pairs being something that looked like a combination of the famous Puffy 3 Tones and a better-looking GEO Twins series, I couldn't resist and had to wear them even though I'm so over pink lenses.
So sehr ich Pakete von Sponsoren auch liebe, aber wenn weder eine Notiz über den Inhalt noch ein Hinweis auf den Absender enthalten sind und ich mir einen Zacken aus der Krone brechen muss, um herauszufinden, was ich meinem Auge da eigentlich antue, dann hört's irgendwo bei mir auf (zumal ich ja auch keine kostenlosen Linsenreviews mehr anbiete, ich ertrinke förmlich in Fläschchen und könnte getrost meinen eigenen Shop aufmachen, da muss man eben Prioritäten setzen). Als ich aber diese "Puffy 3 Tones meets GEO Twins"-Linsen entdeckte, überkam es mich und ich musste sie einfach ausprobieren, obwohl meine "pinke Linsen"-Phase schon seit langer Zeit vorbei ist.


Popsicle Fusion

ColourVue's "Fusion" series in yellow blue might be the most interesting ColourVue design I've reviewed so far. Though not brightening, rather darkening one's natural eye colour instead, these have a flawless blending and colour scheme consisting of two different shades, in my case a light green blending into a medium blue blending into a frizzy outer rims. They'd work best on very light eyes, since you can't ask people to come close to check out the beautiful colour of your contacts. Thanks to the non-harsh, frizzy limbal ring, these can be considered FreshLooks, lenses one could find at an optician's, as they're insanely natural-looking.
Die "Fusion"-Serie von ColourVue präsentiert das wohl am natürlichsten wirkende Kontaktlinsen-Design, das ich bisher von der Marke gesehen habe. Mir wurden sind blau-gelb zugeschickt, die zwar nicht unbedingt meine Augenfarbe aufhellen, im Gegenteil, aber sie intensivieren den grünen Teil meiner grün-braunen Augen sehr schön und dank der Farbgebung und dem ausgefransten, schwarzen Rand, wird ein fast nahtloser Übergang zur natürlichen Augenfarbe möglich.


Blooming Fields And Summer Meadows

Queueing up for an hour or two didn't seem like a good option to spend my time at IMATS, thus I consciously skipped the Inglot booth and went straight to the Times Square store. I was already worried about missing out on the great 30%


Rastahla Rainbow

Since I didn't make it the first time, I've forced my parents to accompany me to the Inglot store on Times Square, New York City. It was a matter of fact that I couldn't leave the store without new colours in my stash, may it be eyeshadows or blushes or any other kind of amazing Inglot awesomeness. Well, it's not directly located on Times Square, but on a side street directly across from the M&M's flagship store, which we avoided, since my parents had already emptied the M&M's shelves at Target. They totally exceeded their weight limit thanks to nothing but M&M's... and some clothes *rollseyes*

I quickly headed over to the eyeshadow table and thus grabbed a three-piece Freedom System palette and since they were kind of a bargain, I filled the palette with Inglot's latest release: the Rainbow eyeshadows. I tried to think outside the box and added a beige neutral trio along with a grassy green and noble violet combination. The rainbow squares were 7$ each, plus the palette itself retailing for 7$, which equals 28$, not too bad for actually nine different shades, considering that Inglot just recently jacked their prices up. The 28$ exclude New York state tax, though.

109R, 116R, 114R



I think I don't have to review much about these, as the pictures speak for themselves. And most of you read a lot about the eyeshadows on Temptalia a long time ago. The pigmentation is just insane, bold and opaque in only one swipe, for some reason I did three layers of each colour though, since it's what I'm used to from swatching other brands, haha. Inglot probably has the most pigmented and gorgeous colours ever, however, I'm not as intrigued anymore as I used to be, since I have a lot of eyeshadows and didn't find anything unique in their range.

All brands have yellows, oranges, reds and other brilliant colours, but Sugarpill will always be one outstanding brand, though. They might do the same colours as other companies, but they're just so different. So, Sugarpill > Inglot. M.A.C doesn't even have to be mentioned at all!


The not-so same procedure as every year

The reason why I don't like Christmas anymore is because I became aware of how unnecessary gifts are. I absolutely can't stand receiving gifts because I'd feel guilty non-stop - guilty because I'm thankful. Thankful for the people who thought of me and spent their hard-earned money on expensive presents and I'm bad at showing emotions, so I always have to overreact and be like: 'Oh my god, thank you so much. This is amazing!' (Do that throughout the entire Christmas Eve and you'll get what I mean). I think it's shameless of people to share exact wish lists. I have a wish list because I work to get everything from it, I don't want anybody else to fulfill me all my expensive wishes. I also don't like receiving gifts because then again I see homeless people freezing their lungs and livers off and it breaks my heart and I saw too many of them whilst staying in Philadelphia. And then I felt guilty again. Guilty because my mom spoilt me in an extreme way, really my entire Christmas haul is worth more than *insert something very expensive here* and the only thing I can do is giving food to homeless people. It really just takes you a few pennies to support people who try to survive every single day. I'm glad Christmas is over.

Treats from Soo and Qoqo

Then again I'm devastated because my parents eventually left the US and my mom doesn't know when she's gonna come back. It's for sure she will eventually visit me this year, but now I'm eventually alone. I didn't miss my family till my mom came here because I knew I had a second chance to say good-bye, but now I'm really on my own in this country, I'm supposed to be responsible, an adult myself, without the helping hand of mommy and this just terrifies me.

I didn't expect Hervana to be out before January, but apparently it was released last week.

I'm thankful for everything that has happened in my life, for the people I met, the people I left behind, the people who have left me behind, my family, my personal success. And for these awesome people on the internet I've never met before yet they spoil me with parcels from wherever they come from: Singapore, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, Austria, simply everywhere. Thank you so much for letting me be an inspiration and friend to you, for valuing me so much that you share your gifts with me.

These are my first New Balance sneakers, I've never heard about the brand till I stepped inside their flagship store on Broadway, NYC. Immediately, I spotted the limited MR 890 RG Revlite Baddeley Rainbow shoes and went totally crazy for them.

The red sneakers I saw them while strolling around SoHo, it was love at first sight. Considering the fact I had already gotten sneakers worth more than 100$ that day, I immediately deleted them off my mind because it would've been too brazen of me to ask for them. And then my mom came round with a SoHo shopping tote from said store, which contained that even more expensive pair of ruby red sneakers. Collecting sneakers is an awful hobby, I tell you. And it's for sure I'll be getting more J75, as they come in the most gorgeous colours ever.

Also, my mom visited me in Chester County on Friday before Christmas, we drove to Delaware, where they had massive sales everywhere and she spent way too much on Abercrombie, Hollister and other brand stuff for me. Bath & Body Works, NARS, train tickets, it was definitely one of the most generous Christmas seasons I've ever experienced.

Back in Chester County my host family surprised me with a bunch of presents. I knew from Steffi that her host family gave her an iPod touch, which would've killed me because it isn't something you should give to an au-pair, your employee. But my host family spent actually the same on gifts for me. I received so many great gift cards, a Yankee Candle (I've always wanted one of those, but I think they're too expensive, I'm tight-fisted when it comes to candles), a calendar and imported German chocolate.

As you can see there's a lot of beauty stuff amongst the other gifts (and lots of clothes I wasn't even bothered to take pictures of), thus you'll see a lot of reviews coming up, as well as lens reviews. The lens diva is finally back after a two-month hiatus!


Inglot Love From Grey

Grey really surprised me when she tweeted me out of the blue that there was something waiting for me from Inglot, probably an AMC gloss, as she recommended that one to me when I reviewed my Thierry Mugler Plexi glosses. The AMC glosses seemed to be a nicer and way more affordable alternative to the ridiculously-priced French lippies. It was already so thoughtful of her to send me an AMC gloss, but there was even more waiting for me, see yourself.

I know how hyped Inglot is and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it myself, but we don't have any stores here, neither retailers nor middlemen and thus I would've eagerly waited a hundred years.

FYI I don't photoshop my teeth, maybe I should LOL

The gloss is slightly tangerine-scented (or is that just my crazy imagination?), absolutely not sticky, in fact it's very liquid and adds a beautiful shine to my lips. In the tube it looks orangey with a subtle hint of green and yellow, on my lips it doesn't (thanks god, me and green lips seem to be an awkward combination) and it survived an entire dinner when I applied it this night and that dinner was a tough one.

The eyeshadows are buttery mattes with a cream-like texture yet they're insanely pigmented. I loved how the pale pink turned out on my skin - it was actually visible. Me and pale colours have a difficult relationship (just remember the Majolica Majorca highlighter that's exactly my skin tone). I'll call my duo Sakura, as it's pretty obvious what the colours remind me of, a beautiful duo that can be also used on cheeks, but I rather prefer them as eyeshadows.

She included tons of samples and Asian candies, I guess I need to say bye-bye to my diet and enjoy the Asian goodies first, haha.

Quick FOTD #1 (EOS Adult Old Green lenses, AMC gloss, Pan-Tao blush)

Thank you so much for your kindness, Grey, I really appreciate what you sent me. The shades couldn't be any more perfect and the AMC gloss convinced me that I definitely need more of these, haha, I should rush over to Poland sometime this summer and check them out in person ♥