She Wears Red Velvet

Lime Crime's outrageous, pathetic and ridiculously high shipping fees always kept me from purchasing so many things I've been eyeing ever since they came out, like the Carousel Glosses or Uniliners. Considering it once was on the verge of closing down, Lime Crime underwent a major revamp and positively surprises me with each and every new product they release. It seems like they finally came up with a concept, a more or less unified product packaging and a much better reputation. I really like Lime Crime!

Just in time for Black Friday they launched their matte, liquid lipstick Velvetines line consisting of two colours so far. "Suedeberry" is a little too bright for my taste, but "Red Velvet" looked nothing short of delicious and I would've gotten it for the name alone anyway. I'm a red velvet addict. For my birthday I had red velvet cake, pudding, cupcakes and drinks because my friends - without planning in advance - each surprised me with their red velvet creations. They just knew me and my obsession well. And I terribly miss Cheesecake Factory's red velvet cheesecake, the best damn thing in the world. Don't even try to disagree with me.

As said, I would've never gotten the actual Velvetine from Lime Crime. In no way are 10$+ shipping fee justifiable. How lucky was I to have a friend like Nymphette who regularly shares Karma Loop codes and hauls. I did hear of Karma Loop before, but never even visited the website before. But they recently had a 30% discount campaign plus low international shipping rates. I barely paid two bucks for my order to be shipped to Germany and it took a mere three days. Most US costumers still wait for their order, how insane is it that I already got mine?

Lime Crime described said Velvetine as a "rich, velvety red. Like petals of a red rose." And I have nothing to add to that. The texture is simply fantastic. One would think a matte texture would dry out my already chapped lips. In fact I didn't even feel like I had anything on my lips, that's how smooth it glided and stayed on. It's slightly vanilla-scented and the doe foot applicator guarantees an even application. This ain't a product for very shaky hands, though, 'cause once it's applied, it can't be corrected. Opaque, rich in colour and vibrant in one coat, it's the most perfect matte lipstick I've ever tried and I've been wanting one of that kind for so long. I really hope they'll come out with more colours 'cause they're sure worth their $16.99 price tag.