Collected Thoughts #1

Recently, I've been abusing Facebook to promote pictures and share thoughts that would be out of place on the actual blog and whilst I always trained myself to stick to nothing but make-up and travel posts, I feel like it's about time to introduce a new blog series.

When I moved back to Germany I noticed how much (meaning thousands and thousands of) cosmetics I had in my drawers. Impulsively, I took the drawers out, turned them upside down and tossed away anything expired. The products I wouldn't be using anymore (or in my case: products I've never even touched) will be given to somebody else. Amongst this chaos I found some precious gems I forgot about and I also noticed I always remain faithful to certain brands, which is why I have such a huge collection of pretty things.

Still catching up on Illamasqua reviews. Oh lord, why did I have to place such a massive order?

A teaser of my tiny yet gorgeous Jill Stuart collection

I'd like to start a series about brands I partially support and like/love. I'll present you my entire collection of each and every brand in a separate blog post, will talk about my history with the brand, which products I recommend, where to get it best and I may even include some swatches. These posts will - of course - also include limited edition products. Just for eye candy purposes ;)

Up to now the following brands have made the final cut: Guerlain, Chanel, Armani, Holika Holika, Jill Stuart, M.A.C, Shu Uemura, Majolica Majorca, Anna Sui, Happy Bath Day Precious Rose, Lime Crime and Sugarpill. As well as assorted products by different brands (mascara, face powder and the like).

About "Collected Thoughts": I shamelessly stole the title from one of my favourite websites (What Youth) because it perfectly sums up my jibber-jabber. Long story short: I'll randomly put this off-topic blog series up whenever I haul various things or took off-topic pictures I'd like to share, upcoming reviews, changes and decisions, pretty much anything. Like a potpourri. Or sorta like TV news.