60% of my eyeshadows are of blue kind. Anything that reminds me of either the sky or the ocean will be added to my stash sooner or later, that's just the foolish way of my colour organization. Once in a while I check everything I got and would notice I'm missing way too many purples or pinks in the pile, but when I go on a colour hunt with a concrete list in my head, I end up coming back with yet another blue. I simply can't help it.

First spotted in a video by Goldie Grace, I couldn't get that one distinct colour out of my head, a matte teal blue going by the name Burst, produced and sold by the ever-so infamous British brand Illamasqua. It's definitely a dirty, greenish kind of blue, which makes it so interesting, as I have nothing comparable to it.

Available from Sephora for $20.00, the square pan eyeshadow comes housed in a sleek, black plastic case with see-through lid. Slightly wicked and very Illamasqua. The pigmentation is insane, one touch and one's good to go for an entire lid though blending with the wrong brush might result in patchy application. Being my second Illamasqua eyeshadow and yet another one that got me totally convinced and keen, it most definitely won't be the end of my Illamasqua eyeshadow mission. Gotta buy 'em all.