Fourth Time Lucky

After checking out Mandy's latest Fyrinnae swatch post, I was completely determined to give the brand yet another try. I really want to like indie companies, but except for Sugarpill there's nothing out there convincing enough to sweep me off my feet like a shot. Fyrinnae came close to that, especially with an intriguing concept like the Pixie Epoxy's, which - for some reason - never worked for me and still doesn't, however, I got a fourth tube despite having three more at home, untouched and chaste.

In order to use most Fyrinnae eyeshadows, one is non-officially obliged to order a tube of Pixie Epoxy as well, retailing for 7$, a bargain in my opinion considering how long it lasts. It helps to emphasize the eyeshadows' iridescence and believe me - there's a lot of that. As said this is yet another try to get into the brand, thus I didn't go sample jar crazy and limited my order to five shades only, one of them being a full size because it's just as beautiful without using Pixie Epoxy. On top of that I was given a mini sample.

Callipygian is a black-based emerald green. Swatched on its own it's a complete mess, hardly any pigmentation yet swatched wet or layered over Pixie Epoxy it's an adorable dream in teal/navy, not quite like what the webshop promises, but I'm happy with the result.

Rapunzel Had Extensions is a pale pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight. It's one of said duochromes and one of my favourites, too, I just easily fall for soft pinks with golden shimmer everytime I snatch one. Pixie Epoxy doesn't change much about it appearance-wise, so one better relies on a good primer instead.

Picture It: Sicily is just as lovely as the shade described above. According to the website, it's a bright complex coral with a slight golden shimmer finish. Can't add much to that, it swatched nicely and matches the description.

Meerkat is a pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle highlight. I'm hard to please when it comes to purples, there's that kind of 'I told you she has a thing for Barbie' or 'I fell into a pool of My Little Pony figures' kind of purple, the one that's so obviously purple, it hurts. Think of Meerkat. Its golden shimmer is glorious yet the base colour completely freaks me out.

Purgatory is an almost metallic red, which is supposed to 'shine over a black base'. Of course I didn't read the description beforehand and swatched it on its own, which was quite a hassle, too. The more I rubbed it into my skin, the blacker it became. Eventually, I had a chalky, black stain on my wrist, not a hint of red left, luckily the Pixie Epoxy swatch saved me from freaking out, as it was one of the colours I impatiently looked forward to trying. Sultry reds are an absolute must-have and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect one.

Shenanigans (free sample) is a sparkling, dirty metallic gold. Quite a pretty colour yet something I've seen before a thousand times. Off-focus (bokeh), it's a dazzling dream, but one would have to intentionally peer to enjoy its sparkles. And believe me, my granny traumatized me with stories of people who intentionally peered, then heard the tower clock toll and they'd never be able to stop looking awry. Thus I didn't even start. Oh granny, I'd love to solve some crosswords with you right now ♥

Adventurous me added a lip lustre to her cart, in fact I chose a colour one wouldn't find in my stash because I sport neons instead. Diabolic Masquerade is a dark, vampy red appearing rather brown and muddy in the tube - as well as on the lips. However, the flashlight makes it look the way it's presented on the website, in real life it's a total disapppointment, though. I'm fine with wearing burgundy shades, but brown's something you'd never see me pull off voluntarily. On top of that it has the most disgusting scent, I literally felt sick after swatching the lip lustre. It reminded me too much of the candles they have at the Patricia Field boutique in SoHo, I had a killer headache for about a week and god knows I'm not sensitive when it comes to fragrances. Fyrinnae instantly refunded me the 8$ I paid for the lip lustre due to the dizziness it caused me. Overall, I have mixed feelings about my order yet I'd totally do it again, since it's so much fun to swatch loose eyeshadows, especially such pretty duochromes as Fyrinnae's.

One of my host kids brought the mail inside and desperately tried to pronounce the company's name and miserably failed. Poor kid :( He was so happy to hand me the envelope over!