Korean Cuteness By Holika Holika

Asian cosmetics first got my attention when I visited Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I wasn't that into the cosmetics stuff at all, I saved my money and only spent it on drugstore brands because I had to afford many J-Rock concerts and goodies instead. But I somehow became 'girly' with each day passing by and two months before my actual trip I was heavily addicted to the typical Asian brands: Anna Sui, Jill Stuart, Etude House, ...

Actually, I already owned some Anna Sui stuff from 2006. Mom and I went to Bali and we saw this amazingly violet closet stand which said 'Anna Sui' and a certain violet bag immediately caught my attention. We asked if it was for sale and the SA told us we'd have to spend 200$ to get it (I wasn't aware of the Asian way of make-up shopping back then) and we did it. We got colourful mascaras, gloss rings, perfumes, everything and I got my bag and I still use it every day, it's just like my favourite bag of all times.

As mentioned I researched on Asian brands before going to Asia, I was a hardcore Jill Stuart fan without even having at least ONE item, I just knew I'd get something one day and so did I. I knew a lot about Japanese brands whereas Korean brands never really interested me until I visited the Etude House web site. Then Skinfood. Then Tony Moly. And last but not least: Holika Holika.

Holika Holika is one of Korean's youngest companies in terms of cosmetics industry. Its design and appearance immediately made me fall in love with it and I searched for online shops, but didn't find anything, therefore I was utterly disappointed and forgot about the brand...

... until my dear friend J told me she'd fly back to Korea - to visit her family - and asked me if I needed something. My Etude House stuff from Singapore was already used up and I loved Etude House's Goodbye Trouble fixing spray, thus I asked her to get this one for me. Two weeks later she contacted me telling they'd discontinued the product, but she got a rose-scented fixing spray by a brand called 'Holika Holika' instead. Click. Ka-wumm. Money transfer done. J did my HH shopping from that moment on.

And she got me SOOOOOOO much stuff, also in the meantime I stumbled over a Singaporean blog shop selling TONS of Holika Holika goodies, I ♥ Korean Beauty. Since that moment I always purchased my Holika stuff there, Zhen C is an awesome girl, I guess I always annoy her with my questions about special skin care and stuff, but she's patient, very open-minded and she always includes such lovely sample packs!

I'd like to show you my tiny Holika collection and I truly recommend the company to you, not because of its cute design (logo: witch on a broom), but also because of its fab products.

The most famous product throughout Korea is the egg soap. It's said to reduce blackheads and to tighten pores. It's always sold out and one has to subscribe to a waiting list to be able to get it, both J and I were quite lucky to grab a box of two eggs each. It has an interesting scent (no it doesn't smell like an egg, though) and my skin indeed feels better after using the egg soap and indeed some of my blackheads disappeared and some of my pores got tightened. But one has to do it on a daily basis, otherwise it won't work. Price: 17$ (Zhen just updated the blog shop with new coloured egg soaps, get four different soaps for 24$ now!!)

There's nothing special to say about Juicy Hawaii Kiwiade cleansing cream. Its fragrance is totally enchanting as it has this very natural scent, feels soft and in my opinion my skin gets cleaner and feels better than after using drugstore cleaners (as I'd normally do). It's available in two sizes. Price: 8$

I didn't tell J what to exactly get as I'm not able to read and understand Korean, such being the case J got whatever she thought would suit me and my skin type. I just told her to search for some anti-acne products and she got me the AC Magic Clear Powder in Toner, which is even recommended to use by Korean doctors (most HH products have a printed medical cross somewhere on the packaging, means they're recommended in case of certain skin problems, depends on your skin type and problems). It's a toner, that's it. I haven't used toner before and didn't really get its function, but it's soothing and has a lovely fragrance. Price: 20$

The AC Magic Clear Trouble Filter q-tips have a somewhat weird scent, but they help to reduce acne spots and blackheads and I really had success with using them and it's an amusing procedure. Apply a thick layer to zit after cleansing face and applying toner. That's it! Price: 21$

I mentioned it a thousand times before, but I'm not too fond of jelly eyeshadows. The HH Aqua Petit Jelly Shadow is available in silver and blue, HH even released jelly blushes, which I'm quite excited to try out one day. The jelly shadows usually last a lifetime, it's nothing but impossible to use them up. Price: 16$

This is finally the fixing spray she ended up with instead of the Etude House one. Applying it feels like a breath of wind and my make-up stays perfectly in place, but gets oily, though, because the fixing spray mostly contains oil. Price: 21$

I have a plenty of travel-sized toners, emulsions, cotton pads, hot body slimming patches, but that entry is already too long and I don't want to bore you with some more additional lines of Holika fandom!

As already said I do love Holika Holika. Make sure to let Zhen recommend the right products to you and your skin type, don't be shy and tell her about your problems (acne, blackheads, scars), you'll find the perfect item(s) together. If you have any further questions I'd be honoured to answer them!

Also, if you spend a certain amount on certain products, Zhen will send you some lovely freebies. J for example spent 60€ on my HH products and I got this cool pen and a mirror (and cotton pads.....?):

And I recently bought the Bulgarian Rose Pearly Blossom cream set off Zhen and she sent me this cool tote bag (we had troubles finding the right colour for me because I wanted them all, LOL)

It's totally important to keep your skin clean and healthy, you can either spend a lot of money on high-end products by Chanel, Guerlain and Dior or you could also get cute Korean skin care for the same price (consider the shipping fees) and with the same effect. Be candid and try out something new ♥