Spring Greetings

It's always nice to come home to an unexpected package. Especially if it was thoughtfully packed and sent to you by one of your favourite makeup companies. And even more so if it happens on a Monday. Rouge Bunny Rouge just launched a couple new products and I was just discussing the press release of their two new fragrances - Allegria and Muse - the other day with my mom and oohed and aahed over the note descriptions, it sounded like those perfumes were literally created just for us. And the very next day I held them in my very own hands.


Vernal Hymn

Ohai there! Who's this, you're asking? This is somebody who's been super busy with school/work and didn't mind not blogging for once. I actually got to experience what it means to restore energy on a weekend instead of being all stressed out on Sunday nights. Also, I might've started a micro blog on Dayre, a platform the lovely Nana introduced me to. Feel free to follow me, it'll have some content you most likely wouldn't get to see otherwise. Anyways, Maple Lens hooked me up with the entire line-up of EOS' new Briller series, which will be featured in the next couple look posts. It's their way of kicking my butt to resume my review activities and I gladly appreciate it, ha ha.