Kyoto: Bidding the Ancient City Farewell

After waking up at 6.30am I explored the neighbourhood, got a pack of band-aids from Family Mart (dem heels, I tell ya.. I'll never wear Primark sandals ever again), my go-to iced Lipton milk tea and had my very first ever Excelsior Caffé beverage, which should mark the beginning of a passionate obsession with said coffeehouse chain. Excel Café is basically my Starbucks replacement in Japan, I white girl-like just couldn't function without my daily iced orange caramel brûlée latte. Apparently, it was limited edition and I already fear the outcome of what might happen next time I'm in Japan and Excel Caffé doesn't serve it anymore. Since I tend to go overboard with buying beverages on vacation (literally, you'll never catch me running around with less than three different beverages in my hands), I felt pretty sick by the time I arrived to Kyoto's only Eggs 'n Things branch, coincidentally just one block down from my apartment. I had watched people line up for its opening at 9am starting way before 7.30am, the Hawaiian pancake hype is real in Japan, I tell you. I don't think I have to mention I was the only gaijin in the queue - as per usual.


Arashiyama: The Morning After

One thing led to another and I found myself hanging out and partying with newly made friends from Australia and Belgium in Kyoto until five the next morning. It's just so easy to get to know new people whenever I'm abroad, especially in Asian countries where it's a rarity to spot fellow gaijin youngsters and I have that talent to just hit it off with others at first sight. I looked like a hot mess and still boys on the way to school bothered to holler a friendly 'Ohai, kirei ne' at me. Don't quote me on that, though, I naturally trust strangers my age in such faraway countries, took them a lot to get there and it probably wasn't their intention to kill me that brought them to Japan. So, I got back to the apartment at 6am and had my alarm set for 8am from the day before because I had planned to go on a day trip to Arashiyama, a Kyoto suburb.