Japan '14: KitKat Haul

Where in the world have I been, literally? I've jetted off to Japan for a little more than three weeks, folks. Déjà vu, déjà vu, I've already been to Japan in August last year, but this time around I spent my entire vacation in the ever-so beautiful Land of the Rising Sun, because. And before I get into editing the three gazillion photos that probably won't be up until late next week, I thought I'd let you know I'm still somewhat alive (not jet-lagged, just really exhausted from unpacking the loads and loads of souvenirs I bought) by teasing you with a Japanese KitKat haul. You're welcome!


Countryside Sunset

Tomorrow marks the end of my first finals phase. They'll let me know whether I passed or not in six weeks, which leaves my comrades and I wondering whether we made it or not and one of us, some of us, all of us will certainly be paranoid by the beginning of September. And I'll be the most paranoid, that's why I've stepped up my game recently and been active and busy as heck. I literally can't sit still for a minute, I need to exercise in some way, which is why there's a really good chance at catching me at the gym, pool, park, tartan track or Starbucks. Obviously! This look was inspired by the many beautiful sunsets I get to see while I'm out running at dusk.