Kyoto: Matcha Delight

Once upon a summer I went on a mission to seek shelter for my matcha cravings at Jouvencelle, a hidden gem with traditional dark wooden decor in the backstreets of Gion. My matcha radar led me to an Asian's blogger post on said café two months prior to my trip and the idea of dipping wagashi, fruits and cake into a pot of green bitter goodness has been knocking on the front door of my mind ever since. Naturally, and just a few hours after surviving the 12-hour flight to Osaka, then hopping on a Kyoto-bound train and taking a quick refreshing shower, I ventured out to enter matcha heaven through the sliding doors of Jouvencelle.


2014 In A Nutshell: Got stabbed in the eye. Ta-da!

2014 happened. I wouldn't necessarily say it went by in a rush, but it had a lot in store for me. Work-wise, socially, not so much for this blog. I've been exhausted and tired for most of the year from all the good experiences I made, I didn't have the strength to be an active blogger and I'll most definitely not change that in 2015, just to keep the expectations low and be straight up honest with you. I'll blog whenever I feel like it and want to make sure a lot of quality and effort goes into each and every post I publish. I spare you a review of my 2014, but in hindsight it's been a great year, mostly because I somehow managed to travel a lot, I went on four trips in total and been hopping back and forth between the U.S., Europe and Asia. I acquired a good amount of new skills at work which I'm very proud of and it brought me so many steps closer to my graduation next year. I'll actually be done with school this year and then enter a six-month internship, which means there's a terrifying amount of exams and finals on the horizon and I'm already shell-shocked just thinking about elaborating on hypothetical criminal cases in front of a six-headed examination board.